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This is an era of technology and we can not imagine our life without it. We all are completely dependent on technology. So all the sectors are using it for their convenience. Online platform where people can engage with each other for having discussion and this has become an important part. Whether we talk about education or any other sector it is involved everywhere hence for establishing online communication we definitely need a place where we can interact with each other and there are many platforms which are available like Zoom meeting, Google Meet, Microsoft teams, Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode, and LikeTechNode. We have discussed each of them below you can read to know about them:

Know about Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode

Tencent Holdings Limited is one of the largest multinational companies of technology of china has developed an online platform called Tencent Meeting Zoomlikeleetechnode where people can interact with each other for business purpose or reason can be anything like students can use it for doing project discussion with team members. This online meeting tool has many features like you can do video conferencing in an easy way. This platform gives you options for screen sharing apart from these it has many features which work together to establish a good meeting. As a user you can host meetings with 1000 participants. This platform has strict rules for security so that users do not worry about their privacy. You can even share files, and you can schedule your meetings. This platform is integrated with WeCHat which makes it more popular amongst people.


You all must know about the Zoom meeting app as you must have also used this platform during lockdown. This online meeting application is one of the most known meeting apps. During coronavirus 2019 people used this tool for conducting business meetings , students attended their online classes on it. This online meeting tool is different; it has breakout rooms which can be used to give separate tasks for individuals or groups. It offers high quality video conferencing.  Slack and Dropbox are two platforms which are integrated with it which enhances its productivity. Zoom meeting app ensures your security, users can set settings of allowing participants in meetings after admin’s approval only. 


You may not have heard about LikeeTechNode as it is not that famous like zoom or other powerful meeting tools but apart from this it is a more interesting platform than them. You may definitely try this at least once after reading this as this platform uses AI technology in meetings apart from providing screen sharing , video conferencing and white boards options like others. Its AI features will make minutes of meetings for you along with that it will provide you instant translation of the language. These features of this online meeting platform makes it the most preferable choice on an international level. 

Microsoft Teams

You must have heard about Microsoft 365 suite which is a suite of cloud based services which are offered by Microsoft. One of its services or tools is Microsoft Teams. This tool is used for connecting online meetings. As this is offered by microsoft so it has integrated with other services or tools offered by microsoft for example it integrated with Microsoft Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. With collaboration with these tools and services the credibility and reliability automatically increases which makes it a popular choice for doing business meetings and other meetings. This online meeting tool offers features which includes file sharing option, chatting and it has digital backgrounds for doing video calls. It is suitable for small and large corporations just because of its flexibility.

Google Meet

Google offers many services, one of amongst them is Google meet which is used for doing video conferencing or conducting online meetings. Google meets is integrated with Google Workspace which was earlier known as G suit or Google suit. It is very simple to use and still a reliable platform. Like other platforms you can do high quality online video calls, it has other features like captions of videos,breakout rooms, live streaming and many more.


You should select any platform discussed above on the basis of your needs and requirements. Each platform has their own unique features which makes them different from others. You just have to make a good choice tencent meeting zoomlikeleetechnode according to your requirements.

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