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Watch Chandler Jones break a sled at Cardinals training camp

Watch Chandler Jones break a sled at Cardinals training camp


Injury update: A blocking sled at the Cardinals' training camp has been rendered physically unable to perform.

On Monday, the Cardinals shared a video of defensive end Chandler Jones casually snapping a sled. Jones bounces right back up, the sled does not.

The NFL reposted the video on its own Instagram, where Jones' former Patriots teammate Tom Brady weighed in on the carnage.

"Hahahahahahahhahahahah this is great @chanjones55," Brady commented.

(Yes, it was exactly that many "ha's," and yes, that sounds like it comes from a place of fear.)

Brady can laugh this year, as the Patriots don't face the Cardinals. Other quarterbacks might be more alarmed.

Jones led the league in sacks last year with 17, and if Monday was any indication, he's not slowing down.


Kent Somers and Bob McManaman of azcentral sports, sum up their impressions of Arizona Cardinals camp on Monday at University of Phoenix Stadium. Tom Tingle, Arizona Republic



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